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Learning disabilities are neurologically-based processing problems. These processing problems can interfere with learning basic skills such as reading, writing and/or math.  They can also interfere with higher level skills such as organization, time planning, abstract reasoning, long or short term memory and attention.  It is important to realize that learning disabilities can affect an individual’s life beyond academics and can impact relationships with family, friends and in the workplace.

Since difficulties with reading, writing and/or math are recognizable problems during the school years, the signs and symptoms of learning disabilities are most often diagnosed during that time.  However, some individuals do not receive an evaluation until they are in post-secondary education or adults in the workforce.  Other individuals with learning disabilities may never receive an evaluation and go through life, never knowing why they have difficulties with academics and why they may be having problems in their jobs or in relationships with family and friends.

Learning disabilities should not be confused with cognitive problems, visual, hearing, or motor handicaps, cognitive deficiency, limited mental capacity, emotional disturbance; or environmental, cultural or economic disadvantages.

When I consult with you, I…..

  • work one-on-one or in small groups with your student
  • work with older students and adults
  • coach teachers on methods of teaching reading
  • complete assessments and improve reading comprehension
  • identify deficiencies and create interventions for students
  • work closely with teachers to ensure the reading interventions that your student is receiving are aligned with the curriculum taught in class
  • work closely with parents to track student progress, set goals, and achieve their personal best.
  • provide updates on students’ achievements.

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