About Me

Picture of me!I have a true passion for lifelong learning. My interest and enthusiasm for teaching embroider my work with students of all ages. While earning my B.A. degree in early childhood education, I managed a group of college student teachers at The Onica Prall Child Development Laboratory. In subsequent positions, I created meaningful experiences in which I could develop the intellectual, social, and physical abilities of young children, middle school students, high school students, and adults. Later, I became a certified teacher in early childhood education, elementary education and have taught in public schools, private schools, and charter schools for over 25 years in urban and suburban and rural districts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. During my career as a public school classroom teacher, I coached five preservice teachers, supervised seven instructional assistants, and organized the responsibilities of 90-100 volunteers in my classroom.Art Therapy with children

During my first master’s degree in expressive therapy, I utilized art, creative movement therapy, and psychodrama to support the emotional health of children, youth, and adults at day hospitals, inpatient, and locked facilities at psychiatric hospitals. While there, my understanding of people who suffer from acute to serious emotional and behavioral disturbances progressed. My compassion for this population led to my strong desire to work with those who have reading disabilities. I take my responsibility seriously for educating all students with disabilities and at-risk concerns.

Since 1994, I taught children, adolescents, and adults with learning disabilities. I received my second master’s in 2009 and became a certified reading specialist/consultant in Rhode Island. Two years later, I started my own reading tutoring practice in Massachusetts.  Today, I continuously build my own capacity to learn by reaching out to readers with different needs, learning about their learning style, and tweaking my teaching style to fit their learning style.

When students apply proficient strategies to become more confident readers, they’re on the road to reading and comprehending successfully for a lifetime. Teaching students to do this is my goal.

Interested in tutoring?
Call Diane Proctor, serving dyslexic students in Rhode Island and Massachusetts at (401) 215-6801 or email her.

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