Education is an end in itself not a preparation for the workplace

by It’s a well-observed truth that because everyone has had an education, everyone feels well placed to comment on all aspects of education. Often that takes the form of “My experience of education was like this so all education should be more/less like that.” This often finds its most pure expression in the form of… Continue reading Education is an end in itself not a preparation for the workplace


The way you write could be alienating those who are dyslexic

Originally posted on Ramblings from a Writer's Mind: This post focuses on writing blogs, website content, social media and emails rather than stories and books. As independent authors, our ability to write such is of paramount importance to our promotional and marketing strategy. Yet the way you write could be alienating those who are… via Dyslexia,… Continue reading The way you write could be alienating those who are dyslexic

Being a Reader with a Learning Disability

There are plenty of things that make reading hard. Finding the time, the right book, the right place, the right level of noise. For people with learning disabilities, it can be a little harder. I have auditory dyslexia, also called auditory processing disorder. It’s not quite the dyslexia everyone thinks of. For me, I can […]… Continue reading Being a Reader with a Learning Disability

(Belated) Dyslexia Awareness Week

HeyHiHello gang! I’m honouring today’s blog post with a special dedication to dyslexia awareness week. Dyslexia /dɪsˈlɛksɪə/noun A general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence. This is an important one for me because I know several people […]… Continue reading (Belated) Dyslexia Awareness Week

Living with Dyslexia

I never wanted to be a writer. If someone had told my young self that I would become a writer one day, I would have laughed—or thrown up—or run away. The idea of becoming a writer never even crossed my mind. As a kid, reading and writing were torture. I hated them both. After being […]… Continue reading Living with Dyslexia