Betsy DeVos needs to go back to school

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos repeats the hackneyed and erroneous claims that American public schools are failing. She says the Obama ideas (testing, charters, and accountability) have failed, so she wants to impose her own ideas, which sound no diffferent from the failed ideas of the status quo. American schools could use some support, not […]… Continue reading Betsy DeVos needs to go back to school

Education Highlights

Education Bloggers Daily Highlights 2/24/2017 Education Bloggers Daily Highlights Courtesy of Big Education Ape A special thank you to education blogger Mike Simpson For More Visit: Special Nite Cap: Catch Up on Today’s Post 2/23/17 Great series by PAA President on Personalized and Social-Emotional Learning | Parents Across America DeVos reveals chat with fiercely… Continue reading Education Highlights

Holyoke area, Massachusetts: Do You Want a Gulen Turkish Charter to Compete with Your Public Schools?

A public school activist in Massachusetts sent this letter from Robert Amsterdam, an attorney retained by the Government of Turkey to investigate the large charter chain run by Fetullah Gulen. Gule… Source: Westfield/Springfield/Agawam/Holyoke, Massachusetts: Do You Want a Gulen Turkish Charter to Compete with Your Public Schools?

Does It Help Students Read Better?

Phonics Instruction for Older Students? Just Say No Gay Ivey and Marianne I. Baker Let's resist the temptation to impose quick-fix solutions on struggling readers in the intermediate grades and beyond. As former reading teachers and as literacy researchers, we have known older struggling readers too numerous to count. We have explored the complex factors… Continue reading Does It Help Students Read Better?

Brain scans spot early signs of dyslexia

By Julie Steenhuysen | CHICAGO Instead of waiting for a child to experience reading delays, scientists now say they can identify the reading problem even before children start school, long before they become labeled as poor students and begin to lose confidence in themselves. Although typically diagnosed during the second or third grade of school… Continue reading Brain scans spot early signs of dyslexia

Rhode Island’s personalized learning initiative for K-12

Rhode Island is moving forward with a statewide personalized learning initiative that aims to support a variety of efforts to tailor education to the unique needs of each student. The $2 million public-private effort is being headed by Richard Culatta, the state's chief innovation officer and the former director of the office of educational technology… via… Continue reading Rhode Island’s personalized learning initiative for K-12

Hamburger method for writing is great!

Briana Sotomayor, a 4th grader in rural Jackson County, W.V., wrote an award-winning essay for her district's drug-and-alcohol prevention competition. In this video, Briana describes an approach to essay writing used in many elementary classrooms across the country in which the image of a hamburger serves as a graphic organizer. The top bun is the… via… Continue reading Hamburger method for writing is great!