Do you have summer reading plans?

For many of us, this weekend marks the kick off to summer. Pools start to open. School is either counting down to vacation or has already arrived. For many of us, summer isn’t just about keeping cool or making plans to travel or getting ready for next school year. It’s about having extra time to […]… Continue reading Do you have summer reading plans?

California’s children are being “counseled out” of charter schools

Kyle Stokes of public radio station KPCC reports that a deal has been struck between the California Teachers Association and the California Charter Schools Association to allow rights for charter school students. “Parents who believe their child is being “counseled out” of a charter school in California could soon have the right to request […]… Continue reading California’s children are being “counseled out” of charter schools

Teaching reading beyond ability level

For generations, reading experts have told teachers that they had to teach students to read at their instructional levels. Teachers were admonished that if they taught children with books that were too easy, there would be nothing for the kids to learn. If they taught with books that were too hard, then the reading instruction… via… Continue reading Teaching reading beyond ability level

Apple vs. Google: The Real Winners are Students with Dyslexia

GREAT APPS FOR STRUGGLING READERS/WRITERS by Joan Sedita | 1 November 24, 2015 | 0 Comments I ran across an interesting piece by Jamie Martin at the Forbes online site titled “Apple vs. Google: The Real Winners are Students with Dyslexia.”  Martin makes the point that the competition between Apple and Google has resulted in… Continue reading Apple vs. Google: The Real Winners are Students with Dyslexia

DeVos’ proposed discretionary programs targeted for elimination

Valerie Strauss has created a useful guide to the major budget cuts in the U.S. Department of Education programs, in the budget proposed by the Trump administration. A total of $10.6 billion will be cut from existing programs, with a share of those “savings” invested in school choice. The rationale is given for each cut: […]… Continue reading DeVos’ proposed discretionary programs targeted for elimination

Another fight against privatization in Massachusetts

The battle over Question 2 in Massachusetts was overshadowed by the national election, but it was an important bellwether in the fight against privatization. The amount of money spent was phenomenal. The usual billionaire suspects put up most of the money to promote the measure and the teachers’ union, spending the dues collected from individual […]… Continue reading Another fight against privatization in Massachusetts