A new education and gaming platform intended to help dyslexic learners acquire skills

Special education stands as a constant question mark for K-12+ administrators. This branch in any institution faces more challenges than any other department and is the recipient of a huge amount of budget dollars. Learners with dyslexia track with their peers in many subjects and aspects of the learning process, but reading is a struggle.… Continue reading A new education and gaming platform intended to help dyslexic learners acquire skills


Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia And Waldorf Homeschooling

There are often posts about children who have dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia on the Waldorf homeschooling facebook groups. One of our children was diagnosed with all three of these some years ago, so I have some experience with dealing with this in combination with Waldorf homeschooling. I say “some experience” simply because one child does […]… Continue reading Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia And Waldorf Homeschooling

Why Reading Aloud Made Cuban Cigars Great

While reading aloud is my passion and what I do- because it makes a marked difference in learning- I always write about reading aloud to children. Well, there’s more. Adults. The proof of reading aloud making a difference is in the high quality of Cuban cigars. It’s a great story, one of my favorites. Reading […]… Continue reading Why Reading Aloud Made Cuban Cigars Great

The Power of Reading

Last week, we highlighted Ann Morgan’s amazing reading project, Postcards from my bookshelf. For each month in 2017, she’s selecting a book and mailing it to a reader somewhere in the world. Readers had much to say about Ann’s book-labor of love. Here are a handful of their responses. Ready for a custom domain, advanced […]… Continue reading The Power of Reading

Allowing people with dyslexia to thrive in other areas

  I was intrigued by this book, because I am dyslexic. I still struggle with telling certain letters apart, if they are not in the context of a word. I also have difficulty figuring out which side is my right and which is my left. Over the years, I developed little tricks that allow me… Continue reading Allowing people with dyslexia to thrive in other areas

When dyslexia makes you look kinda ditsy

by https://dysadventures.wordpress.com/2017/12/16/when-dyslexia-males-you-look-kinda-ditsy/ Hello Humans if the internet! A thing happened yesterday. Technically a thin ng happened a few weeks ago, but I didn’t know until yesterday. I tried to write this last night to keep up my posting schedule but I was really tired and didn’t. Several weeks ago I was putting names and numbers on… Continue reading When dyslexia makes you look kinda ditsy

One does not just have to succeed despite having dyslexia, but because of it.

Dyslexia affects people from all backgrounds and of all levels of intelligence. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest thinkers in history, was unable to read or write until aged nine, and he always struggled with remembering months of the year and tying his shoelaces. Yet, he succeeded in solving some of the most complex mathematical… Continue reading One does not just have to succeed despite having dyslexia, but because of it.